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2002 - 2012

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About SLK NW

Welcome to the SLK NorthWest Group!
It all started in 2002.  Two Mercedes-Benz Club members, frustrated that SLKs were not coming out to meets, theorized the SLK owner would be a different breed of Mercedes owner:  younger, more spirited and fun loving and more passionate about their cars. We decided to find out. Flyers were printed and deposited on the windshields of parked SLKs in the greater Seattle area. Our first meet was October 2002.  The two SLK roadsters braved the elements to meet up on a rainy Saturday morning at a drive up restaurant in a Seattle suburb.  It was an ideal location for a meet:  close to 3 freeways, lots of covered parking to protect our beauties from the winter weather and old fashioned car hops to serve us coffee and lunch.  No one showed. In November one new SLK showed, making it 3.  December there were four.  And the rest is history…

We met nine times in 2003 and fellow SLKer, Roberto, volunteered to create a website. We voted and chose We took our first SLK road trip that October 2-5, 2003: 3 nights and 4 days for Oktoberfest to the Bavarian village of Leavenworth in the middle of our state. Eight SLKs participated, 4 from the west and 4 from the east.  We made our first international trip to Canada in 2005 to Whistler Village in British Columbia. Our first week long event was to Lac Vegas in 2009 to the first national SLK meet. Since then we've added Idaho, Oregon, Utah and California to our list of places traveled. August 2010 we ventured to California for the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance!

Rain or shine, year around, Washington state SLK owners come out to chat about our cars, the differences in the models, after-market upgrades, problem solving, idiosyncrasies, service comparisons, etc.  It's mainly camaraderie but always for fun. Sometimes it’s just for coffee and planning events.  Sometimes we take a scenic drive and end up at a restaurant for lunch. It could also be a day trip to the Olympic Peninsula or a tour around Mt Rainier or Mt St Helens, the North Cascades or...  Our 2, 3 or 4 day weekend trips are very popular and well attended. We had 25 beauties show for our trip to Walla Walla for the 2009 Hot Air Balloon Stampede and 19 for the La Conner weekend summer of 2010.  We enjoy our annual events as well: Christmas party, BBQ, Super Bowl Party and the fun SLK Night at the Drive Ins!  We’ve driven in 3 parades and have won awards in two.  We do the SLK Wave with our tops and audiences love it!

We don't care if you have the newest SLK 55 AMG or a beloved SLK 230 from 1998 - so long as you have a passion for your Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster, you'll fit right in!  We have no membership dues, officers, rules and regs, we are just a fun group of people who get together to enjoy our mutual passion and create exSLKent memories!

We've continued to grow thanks to efforts of our members who invite other SLK owners to attend, pass out cards on windows of parked SLKs and talk about our events in online forums.  For questions or more information contact us @
Or just show up!  You'll go home glad you came!

March 2003

June 2003

September 2003

Oktoberfest @ Leavenworth       October 2003

@ our Oktoberfest inn               October 2003

SLK keys for a drawing              October 2003

May 2003

Mt Rainer  August 2003

Sahalee Country Club             November 2003

on Wenatchee River            Leavenworth 2003

Leavenworth 2003

relaxing SLK style

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